Family Update May 2017


May 30, 2017

Greetings to all our friends! It is with gratitude and thanksgiving that we lift you up, our friends, daily before the Lord. Praying that the month of May was filled with much joy and blessings. The Lord is taking us deeper into the reality of the power and the importance of worship. Worship develops intimacy with the Lord and brings breakthrough in our lives. We have noticed when we look at the bigness of God, we can have hope for tomorrow and our faith is strengthened.

At Camp Barkeley, the month of May was filled with a variety of events. A local university, Abilene Christian University, conducted a seminar targeted towards church leaders and those in ministry. Twenty-five church leaders and missionaries were in attendance including the Iris Abilene Core team. The seminar focused on how to effectively resolve conflict.

Many friends and family visited Camp Barkeley for a time of respite and fellowship. Palm House Ministry of Abilene held its first annual retreat. At the end of the month Camp Barkeley will host a select group of worship leaders. They will spend time vision casting and praying about God’s purpose and heart for Abilene and the surrounding areas.

Several worship events occurred at Camp Barkeley. The first event, Encounter Night, was led by worship leaders and team members from various churches in Abilene. The second event was led by Brenton and Cara Dowdy from IHOP. At both events, many individuals’ hearts were touched by the beautiful presence of God. Here are just a couple of testimonies among many from these two events.

“Really enjoyed the freedom of worship and the powerful movement of the spirit. Shared tears, laughter, and A LOT of praise and thanks to GOD” -James

“I enjoyed going so much . Just the presence of the love of God and feeling of atmosphere of Daddy God I believe He was so pleased that I was there enjoying Him I felt a heavy load lifted off of me I did not know was there. Thank you for having the Encounter. I was so blessed can't wait to go again.” -Donna

“Yeah! That night was so powerful and much needed! I've missed just soaking in His presence profoundly in community! Ever since the worship night, I have not had any worries about anything. No anxieties about school, internship searching, life group, relationships, or anything. I felt woven into His tapestry of love and a deeper oneness than I have had in a long time! (Col. 2:2-3) I have felt the Spirit moving so much recently and I have so much courage and assurance. Ministry time with friends was so needed. One of my friends was in a low place and afterwards he was one of the ones praising out of most joy! Hahahahaha!” -Tyler

TSSM of Abilene held their graduation at Camp Barkeley. It was a time of celebration and honoring those who attended or led the school this year. Many of the students have ministered at events at Camp Barkeley.

The Lord has been bringing more people to visit Camp Barkeley and this has brought on the need for more buildings to accommodate people. The construction of Retreat Center 2 is in its last stages. The Iris Abilene team spent time praying over each room and writing scriptures on the walls. This is one of many building projects for Camp Barkeley. We will keep you updated with any new projects.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek God to continue the vision He has given us!

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