Escuela De Fuego: Anticipation


January 7, 2016

Streams are Converging in Mexico

Two days! That’s all the time that is left until Norm and I fly to Mexico for Catch the Fire and Kaleo International’s International Leaders School. This School of Fire will be a time of training, worship and healing for pastors serving the surrounding communities of Jojulta. During this five-day conference we will have the opportunity to learn from other leaders and to share ourselves. In addition to speaking, we will be teaching through the Kendall Life Language Profile with some of the staff member. The KLLP provides an incredible opportunity for leaders to better understand their communication styles and improve their relationships with their families, friends and those they serve.

We are overjoyed God is bringing our dreams into reality. He is converging the streams of several amazing ministries to bring His good news and healing to the nations.

This trip will be an amazing opportunity, but it will also be a glimpse into the future. This summer during our third Iris Global School, CB3, we will be taking students to Mexico for four weeks to partner with Kaleo International. We are overjoyed God has established this partnership between us and ask for your prayers during this time. Pray God sends us the right students for this school, that they would be filled up with His Spirit to be mobilized to the nations.

We know the Lord is working and cannot wait to see how He unfolds this new year.

Angel & Norm Poorman

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