Passion, Justice, and Transformation


January 8, 2020


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As 2020 is christening, there is a sense in many hearts this is no ordinary year. Many notable prophetic voices have proclaimed this would be the year of a marked increase in the number of souls saved - where the billion soul harvest would take a dramatic trajectory from prophesy into reality and help usher in the soon return of Jesus.

Birthed out of a dream, there will be a convergence of prophetic, transformational voices at Camp Barkley in Abilene, Texas on March 7, 2020. Passion, Justice and Transformation is a rallying cry for those longing to be equipped and launched in the harvest of souls, ready for the return of Jesus and walking in fullness of destiny. Awakened passion for the Bridegroom precipitates compassion and mercy for the oppressed and a revival of massive ingathering of souls, which helps to lead to societal transformation. Angel Poorman (United Rescue Alliance), Stacey Campbell (Shiloh Global) and Patricia Bootsma (Catch the Fire Ministries) will be the keynote speakers in what promises to be a time of shift personally and regionally.

Join us at Camp Barkley, formerly a World War 2 training center for soldiers and become equipped as the army of Jesus Christ with a burning heart, helping to usher in His return

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