February Update 2020


May 12, 2020

February Update
February has been a month of great impact for United Rescue Alliance and Iris Abilene. Throughout the month, we have seen great growth in our teams by serving both locally, in Abilene, Texas and internationally.

Camp Barkeley
At Camp Barkeley, our team had the pleasure of hosting Life Languages International Coaches and Corporate training, as well as Restoring The Foundations: Issue Focused Ministry training. It is a complete joy to see people equipped to take life changing information to others that can truly bring healing and restoration.

Life Languages International is a communication tool to help us understand ourselves and others better, therefore strengthening relationships. As we learn and appreciate each of the seven life languages communication styles, we become more self-aware and empowered to communicate effectively. Our new coaches are now equipped to take this information to others through one day seminars and individual coaching appointments. Taking things one step further, we were excited to host our first corporate training this month. With the completion of the training, these coaches can now work with larger businesses and corporations to see proficient communication in the work-place.

Restoring The Foundations is a freedom ministry that offers Issue Focused Ministry (IFM) and Thorough Format Ministry (TFM). This month we had the privilege of training three teams (6 people) to be IFM ministers. Once again, we were blessed to see the Lord touch people in significant ways through both receiving training and ministry. On behalf of our trainee teams and trainers, we want to thank all of the volunteers who came to receive ministry as our teams went through a learning process and fine-tuned their skills to be released as ministers. While there has been massive impact taking place at Camp Barkeley through RTF and Life Languages, URA has been actively serving in the rebuilding of The Bahamas as well.

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The Bahamas

United Rescue Alliance has reached over 200 days of serving and rebuilding the nation of The Bahamas. Throughout this process, URA has worked diligently to create partnerships with other organizations in order to best serve the people of The Bahamas. A recent partnership URA has formed was with Restoring Vision and Somebody Cares. These organizations helped provide 5,000 reading glasses for the Bahamian residents. This week, our team of 7 had the opportunity to visit the east end of the island and visit with residents and clinics to supply the reading glasses to the Bahamian people. Thousands of people lost so much in Hurricane Dorian and URA is grateful to these organizations for being willing to share their generosity with those affected by the hurricane.

To date, URA has served approximately 13,940 individuals in both Grand Bahama and the Abaco islands. Our teams have assisted in distributing resources to schools, elderly homes, churches, children’s homes, homes for those with disabilities, and even door to door. In this short amount of time URA has been able to see substantial growth in the community and the individuals who inhabit it. Our hope is to continue serving and partnering with organizations in order to see The Bahamas thrive once again.
In addition to the progress being made in The Bahamas, URA’s new boat, the Angel Lauren, is officially registered! This week our crew was able to take the vessel on its maiden voyage and ensure that it is ready to go. We are excited to see how much more of a difference URA can make with this amazing resource!

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This past week, URA had the opportunity to teach approximately 80 children, in Guatemala, basic English and counting through a partnership with Casa De Dios. These lessons are vital to their future educational development and employment opportunities as they grow and mature into the nation’s future leaders. As always, URA is grateful to be able to equip the next generation by providing the resources and knowledge necessary.
Additionally, URA was able to assist in a city wide simulation in Guatemala City for emergency response. We were extremely grateful to have such a vital role in the simulation with Rick, a URA team member, sitting in the Incident Command. This was the biggest simulation in the history of Guatemala. The drill was able to displace and effect 300,000 people in order to better equip people in the case of natural disaster. Back in the 1980s when Guatemala was affected by earthquakes, the city recognized their need for disaster response training. Overall, the response from the simulation was overwhelming. It was amazing to see how well prepared Guatemala City was for the drill and how far they’ve come in disaster preparedness since the ‘80s. AVE and Guatemalan Municipalities did a great job in facilitating this city wide simulation. United Rescue Alliance is looking forward to working with these groups to further prepare the Guatemalan people for natural disasters.

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